and now… a bottom!

and now… a bottom!
another arial view

The bottom, (not to be confused with the keel,) is made up of two layers of overlapping marine ply which are deliberately cut and layed at opposing angles of the grain to add strength.  It looked like a massive jigsaw puzzle and was put together one layer at a time.  As usual, everything was glued together and secured with lotsa clamps and screws and washers,  all to be removed and put back for the second layer, then removed again.  We’re still zero-for-zero on using any permanent metal fastener in the whole entire build.  

So Hannah, Why Are There Holes in Your Boat?

I figured you’d ask…  The holes are apertures for the motor, batteries, drive shaft, bilge pumps, stuffing box, etc etc etc to be accessed once the box keel is built.  “Box keel?” – you ask.  Yep.  But I’ll leave that for another post.


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