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The Boat

The Boat

Here is the basic design:

Bob and I reviewed my requirements and wish-list for a boat.

  • Need to be able to single-hand
  • Easy access in/out of the water
  • Capable of getting to BVI’s in decent weather
  • Many hand-rails, lots of shade
  • Minimal cabin – not a live-aboard, but comfy for a few nights
  • Possibility to adapt to a motor-sailor, but primarily motor-powered
  • Ability to deploy/recover scientific gear (davit, crane, or pot-puller)
  • Under 35 ft

So, Bob did a ton of research and presented me with a several designs.  I decided on the Redwing 26. She is a nice sized cruiser based on Chapelle’s lines (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_I._Chapelle), designed by Karl Stamba of Chesapeake Marine Designs (http://www.cmdboats.com/) .  Bob’s adjusted the plans to fit my needs and Karl has been amazing on providing additional drawings and stuff when I get stuck.