Name Origins

Name Origins

On Sunday I took my paint sharpie and wrote Grace’s name and home port on her transom (back end).  Writing upside down and backwards, I was less than happy with the result. But Frank thinks I should use my handwriting as the final font.  It’s perfect as it is, he said. He also still loves the name and thinks it fits.

The name is not very original in origin, unfortunately.  Its a song on U2’s album All That You Can’t Leave Behind and in really listening to the words one day on my way to work. I just ended up crying.  The song describes what I would like Grace to be and the way I hope I can sometimes interact with people.  To shed  judgmentalism and negativaty but not feel superior or lord a state of goodness over people (the religious connotation would imply a state of grace to be superior).  I think you can be totally fallible, but in a graceful way.  

So that sat in my head for a year or two.  Then, as. Bob’s health was in sharp decline, my friend DeAnna and I were taking a itry to preserve Bob’s dignity before his sister Finn arrived, doing dishes and lots of stuff he would never want shared, I looked out at the boat and she was Grace.  There was no doubt, it just fit.  I don’t think Bob knew she had been named. I did not tell anyone for a few months.  

So.  Song lyrics and a dieing guy.  I need to come up with a better story. 


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