Quick update

Quick update

Once the frames were constructed and glassed, they had to be leveled (unlike a house, leveled against the ground, the boat has to be leveled to the water line which gets tricky with a curved boat bottom and lots of physics involved).  This is a critical process, like most of these initial build-steps.  If it’s not done correctly the first time, the consequences are expensive; corrections potentially compromise the integrity of the boat.

When the frames are leveled, their stands (I think it’s called the strong-back) need to be braced.  In this construction, we’re cold-moulding all the wood around the frames using clamps (a crap-load of clamps!), so the frames MUST be solid so the hull of the boat does not warp and bend under the stress of wrapping wood around it.



  1. Karin Gray

    Didn’t you promise a name?!

  2. steven e osborne

    Looking good,
    I built the same boat a few years ago.
    almost 3 hundred hours on it now

  3. boat fan

    Love this !
    I have an interest in this and all wooden boats because I was seriously considering building this particular design myself.
    I think its a good choice.
    Can`t wait for more.

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