In the beginning…

In the beginning…

Not shockingly, building a boat requires a lot of planning.  and a lot of money.

But I was not prepared for exactly how much time, and the money… well.  It’s a lot.

After ordering the build plans, Bob developed the build schedule (it’s a frigging novel) and materials list.

The first major hurdle was creating the build site.  With (literally) tons of marine-grade lumber on order, we needed secure and weather-proof storage for the materials.  Most girls go for rings, jewelry, fancy dinners… Instead, John gave me a shipping container and a big giant padlock.

14039946_10102420015172058_2066862787095248840_n 14102553_10102427493151128_721228635720542840_n

Also established accounts with lumber yards, hardware stores, and marine suppliers.

Next, we needed a build platform.  For this, I tapped my brother Dreds and his friend Mike of Triple-C Construction.  12×30 ft, leveled.  Bam.

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