It’s all about the framework

It’s all about the framework


The hull frames are the bones of the boat.  Every angle, every cut, must be completely accurate.

Frames are lap joined, glued.  Water lines are marked.  It is exacting work.



While I love wooden boats, and Bob loves to build them, we want to take full advantage of modern materials.  This means everything gets epoxied before assembly.


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  1. cathie

    I am a great believer that life’s enjoyment can be so enriched by following our dreams and hopes.

    I’m one of those North Shore Residents who, while driving by Hannah’s parents home one day, thought ‘so cool’ do I see a bigger yoga deck! Turns out …. Ah no, ‘dah’ – “so not so”; turns out this project, in the making, is in itself a great motivation & example for us all – a very courageous young lady is living her dreams & hopes right in front of us on the wonderful & peaceful North Shore of St. Croix.

    BRING IT ON Builder Bob, (and whoever else she needs, ‘the island boating & social family’, I am sure, will be with this beautiful soul all the way. Those interested can watch this dream come to fruition and hopefully one day down the road, they will let us help to plan the launch.

    ON ON HANNAH GRAY, “Positive is how this lady lives inspiring us all.

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